CSC Race Night 2021

On Saturday, Chalgrave Sports Club was buzzing with excitement as it hosted an entertaining Race Night. The event was a resounding success, featuring eight thrilling races and a bustling tote table. Beyond the tote payouts, each race saw the horse owners vying for fun prizes.

After guests indulged in a tasty meal of freshly cooked fish and chips, a lively round of True or False ensued. The night reached its peak of excitement as the final race was conducted with raucous crowd cheering on their respective horses. Finally there wash an auction for a scenic flight for two over the local area. We extend our gratitude to John Parker, our pilot and host for the evening, who kindly donated this unique experience.

Our thanks go out to everyone who attended and supported the event, contributing significantly towards our fundraising efforts. The proceeds will be used to donate to Parkfields School as part of a golf initiative they’ve undertaken in collaboration with Tilsworth Golf Club. This initiative aims to enhance the wellbeing of some of their students. We’re proud to support such a meaningful cause.