Trail Running

Have you thought about trail running in our wonderful local area?

Trail running is a great form of exercise that offers many benefits, including physical fitness, mental health, and a sense of adventure. Unlike running on a treadmill or pavement, trail running provides an opportunity to explore new surroundings, connect with nature, and challenge oneself in different ways. Chalgrave Parish is surrounded by rolling hills, picturesque countryside and offers an extensive network of trails and footpaths for trail running enthusiasts to explore. With a variety of terrain ranging from flat paths to challenging inclines, you can enjoy a diverse range of running experiences. The area is also steeped in history, with landmarks such as Sundon Hills Country Park offering an insight into the area’s heritage.

It’s also a lot of fun, running in the wet, snow, dark and mud, it really doesn’t matter and its great running with others, or if you fancy a bit of solitude and peace and quiet what better way to do it amongst beautiful scenery and nature, you be pretty amazed at what you can see. Running from Tebworth you can even get to see elephants, bears, antelope and rhinos so it’s not just the small fluffy encounters you might expect!

If you fancy giving it ago CSC will be starting some guided trail runs around the area over the summer months catering for all abilities of runner. Distances can vary from 5km, 10km to however far anyone wants to go.

This time of year you don’t even need trail shoes as long as you don’t mind your trainers getting a little dirty, standard running gear, a bottle of water and a sense of adventure is all that’s needed to give it a ago.

Further Information / Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further information about trail running, please feel free to contact the club or directly contact any of the team below who regularly trail run and can offer help and advice.

Please Be Advised:
Due to their nature, we are unable to properly risk assess our group activities including running, walking, and cycling. Whilst our group leaders endeavour to keep everyone as safe as possible, these are led, not coached sessions, irrespective of whether a qualified coach is in attendance. As such you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. See our Health and Safety Policy for further information.