Website Information

The CSC website has been designed and developed entirely inhouse at no expense to the club. Although we are not professional web designers or developers, we have some technical knowledge and have used this to hopefully create a modern and informative website, for use by CSC members and the local community who wish to engage with any of the clubs’ events or activities. We have endeavoured to ensure there are no errors, omissions, or inaccuracies, however there may be the odd mistake that has so far gone unnoticed – if you do spot any issues (however small), please let us know so that they can be corrected. We are also open to any suggestions for additional content that may be useful to include.

We are grateful to longtime CSC member Mike Wells who has kindly supplied the server resources to host the website.

If you have any general feedback about the website (good or bad) we would be pleased to hear from you, either by completing the feedback form below or by contacting Simon Gatward.

Website Feedback/Comments