Chalgrave Parish has a long and proud cricket history dating back 100 years or more. The sports club was established to play Sunday social/pub cricket as as at that time there was another team in the parish playing serious league games.

For over 45 years the club played its matches in Wingfield. At one time the Plough Inn supported the club sponsoring shirts, and providing teas. A spirited pub league ran through the early 2000’s with a regular well attended 10/10 day. The ethos of the club and playing spirit has, and continues to be, “it’s the type of game you play with a pint in your hand”.

Despite having a cricket legend living on our doorstep, recent years have seen a decline in new players coming into the sport, with young people favouring other pastimes. This has at times made it difficult for the club to find enough players to field a team. The club have now have been offered the use of the cricket pitch at Parkfields School in Toddington for matches, and alternatively are happy to be a wandering team in order to play matches.

The club is looking to play at least three friendly/social games a season, so please let us know, or contact any of the CSC team below if you’d like to be involved.