Christmas 2022 Golf Day

We had a successful Winter CSC Golf Society Day between Christmas and New Year at Cainhoe Wood Golf Course. Paul Levy organised the day and reports:

After a suitably robust breakfast, bacon rolls and egg rolls, the eight of us set off. We were accompanied to the first tee for a photograph or two by the chairman who also acted as starter…and so we played off into the bright blue yonder, the brilliant sun straight in the players eyes.

Though the course was wet in parts it was nothing like a year ago, and we all made it back to the 19th, which sadly wasn’t the case 12 months earlier. Guest Alan Philpot, a member at Cainhoe, won the day on 34 points, second (well an elevated third really) was Ken Liddle, and third was Malcolm Macgregor. We have a rule that a player can only win one prize. So, whilst John Given was second on points scored, he elected to take the prize for ‘longest drive’. ‘Nearest the pin’ went to Lisa Williams, also a member of Cainhoe Woods.

Well what a wonderful day! After The rains during the week, the day might have been cancelled but Cainhoe Wood is now a very well cared-for course and whilst one of the two courses was part closed, we played the “Castle”

The Golf Day was followed by an End of Year Dinner for members and guests at the Plough. It was a hugely enjoyable event.