Foodbank Donation

The ‘late’ Plough Inn in Wingfield, known for its regular Sunday night quizzes, recently celebrated a charitable achievement in collaboration with Chalgrave Sports Club. The final quiz of 2023, held on December 18th, was a special occasion where the participants voted to donate £210 to the Houghton Regis Food Bank. This gesture of goodwill was made possible through the efforts of the regular quiz enthusiasts.

The Houghton Regis Food Bank, operating under the Trussell Trust and based at the Houghton Regis Baptist Church in Hammersmith Gardens, was the proud recipient of this donation. Reflecting the specific needs of the food bank, the contribution was made in the form of gift cards for a local supermarket. Phil Parry, chairman of the Chalgrave Sports Club, had the honour of presenting the donation.

This charitable tradition was a hallmark of the Plough Inn’s quiz nights, which have been a staple event every other Sunday for many years. The quizzes, which CSC help organise, not only offer a night of fun and challenge but also serve a noble cause by donating surplus funds to various local charities. Past beneficiaries have included the Chalgrave Parish Church Roof Fund among other notable causes.

Emma and Dan, during their short tenancy of the Plough Inn, have been instrumental in supporting these quiz nights. Their involvement has helped in continuing this long-standing tradition of community service and engagement through the popular quiz events.