Donation to Toddington St George School

On behalf of Chalgrave Sports Club, earlier this year chairman Phil Parry made a generous donation to Toddington St. George Church of England School. The funds, raised during the sports club’s Quiz Night in April 2023, were presented to the school’s Head Teacher, Andrew Darlington, with the specific intention of enhancing the physical activities available to students.

CSC Chairman Phil Parry presents Toddington St George Head Teacher Andrew Darlington with a donation towards the schools safer cycling scheme. 12 December 2023

The school’s physical education lead expressed a desire to allocate these funds to a program known as Bikeability. This initiative, akin to the traditional cycling proficiency courses, offers valuable skills in safe cycling. While the school receives a limited number of free spaces for this popular program, typically offered on a first-come-first-served basis, the CSC’s donation will significantly expand access. Specifically, it will allow all interested Year 4 students to participate, with the school covering any additional costs.

This contribution aligns perfectly with one of Chalgrave Sports Club’s missions: to foster health and wellbeing among children in our community, through engaging in physical activities. The donation to Toddington St. George Church of England School is a clear reflection of the club’s commitment to this goal, ensuring more pupils gain essential cycling skills for their safety and enjoyment.