2023 Mile a Day Challenge Update

When the MAD 2023 challenge was announced almost 12 months ago, how many people thought that sounds easy? Most of the time it is quite easy to run or walk a dedicated mile each and every day, but as time goes on you realise it is not as easy as first thought. Finding the time every single day, staying injury free, going out in all weathers, and those odd days where circumstances such as travelling or other commitments make it extremely hard to do a mile. This is what makes it a challenge!

For those that are soon to complete the challenge, having walked or run at least one dedicated mile every day, without missing a single day, for a whole year, we will be recognising their achievement by presenting them with a CSC MAD Medal, and optionally featuring their name on our website MAD 2023 Hall of Fame.

We would also like to recognise those who have given it a good go but were ultimately forced to miss the odd day. However many days you managed, it has been great to see so many people putting in the effort, and even if you had to stop for some reason, we hope it has been beneficial and encouraged you to walk or run and be more active that you would have done previously.

Let Us Know

If you have completed MAD 2023, or have taken any part in MAD 2023 (even if you had to drop out), or you are doing MAD 2024 / MAD 1000, please let us know below so that we can feature your name on the MAD participants ‘Hall of Fame’ and to see if you qualify for a medal or other award. Open to everyone, you don’t need to be a CSC member.

What Next

Most people started the challenge on 1st January 2023, so will soon be finishing the challenge and maybe wondering what next? While some will be looking forward to putting their feet up and not having to go out each day to do a mile, others will be thinking about their next challenge. If you were unable to complete the challenge in 2023, how about giving it another go in 2024, or for those that really want to push themselves, how about taking on the MAD 1000.

MAD 2024

CSC would like to invite everyone (you don’t need to be a CSC member) to take part in the 2024 Mile a Day Challenge. Open to those that have never done it before, those that tried but failed in 2023, as well as those that have completed the 2023 challenge and want to carry on with this healthy activity that is now part of their daily routine. The challenge traditionally starts on the 1st January and runs to the 31st December, but you can start on any date as long as you stick with it for a full 365 days. If you have just finished MAD 2023 and need a short break, why not take January off and start the 2024 challenge on 1st February instead. Other than the time and effort required, there is no cost to take part.

MAD 1000

For the truly MAD people, how about really challenging yourself with the MAD 1000 – walk or run at least one dedicated mile every day, for 1000 consecutive days. If you have just completed MAD 2023, why not keep the healthy habit going, you are already a third of the way there! If you complete the challenge, you will be part of a very elite local group, which currently only has 1 other member who has previously achieved it – take a bow, Christina Lawrence.

If you have taken part in the MAD 2023 challenge, or are planning to take part in 2024, please complete the form below.